Responsible stewardship

Responsible stewardship throughout the value chain, caring for our environment and protecting Australia’s biosecurity underpin our productivity, profitability and global reputation.

Our priorities

Caring for and improving our natural capital.

Thriving in a changing climate

Responsible use of inputs

Maintaining and strengthening biosecurity

Our goals

Proactively improve the health of our soils

Industry engaged in incentivised environmental stewardship programs.

Reduce our industry’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions

Future-proof the industry from climate related risks through investment and development of adaption tools. This includes ongoing improvements to water use efficiency in rainfed grain production.

Redesign, reduce and/or develop alternative chemical use whilst ensuring productivity, safety and environmental outcomes.

Continue to ensure a world-leading whole of industry approach to managing biosecurity risks.

The grains industry is contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development goals across its framework