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Framework Goals & targets

Responsible Stewardship

Soil Health
Proactively improve the health of our soils

Increase biodiversity stewardship on farms

Carbon Footprint
Reduce our industry’s net greenhouse gas emissions

Water Use
Improve water use efficiency in rainfed grain production

Chemical Use
Demonstrate science-based best practices in pest, weed and disease control

Deliver a world-leading whole of industry approach to managing biosecurity

Building Capacity & Wellbeing

Worker Safety
Work towards zero workplace fatalities throughout the value chain.
Close the gap between regional and broader community safety and wellbeing

Capacity and Leadership
Increase leadership capacity, diversity and skills development

Consumer Confidence

Food Safety
Continue to deliver safe food, feed and other grain products

Responding to Consumer Needs
Proactively address our consumers’ evolving food safety expectations and health needs

Support innovations that enhance our supply chain’s ability to meet the future expectations of our consumers and the community

Trust and Acceptance
Increase awareness and trust in how grain products are produced

Through a detailed consultation process, Behind Australian Grain has identified 12 goals across three pillars. Ambitious but achievable 2030 targets to give us something tangible to aim for. For some goals, more accurate baseline data is needed before targets can be set.

The industry has been actively working to improve its performance in these areas for many years and will continue to do so. They are all important.

To ensure industry resources are aimed at the areas of greatest impact, priority goals that are most important to our value chain partners have been identified.