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The Australian grains industry sustainability framework, Behind Australian Grain, has been developed to strengthen our industry’s sustainability and assist in ensuring we continue to meet the changing expectations and needs of our consumers, the community, investors and governments.

A joint initiative of Australia’s grains industry organisations, Behind Australian Grain has developed, aligned and prioritised the key sustainability priorities for the grains industry.

We are committed to growing a trusted and sustainable industry which helps feed and fuel a healthier world.

We achieve this by being responsible stewards of the environment, positively contributing to the well-being of people associated with the grains industry, while ensuring the confidence of our consumers and the broader Australian community in our products and how they are produced.

The Behind Australian Grain sustainability framework is a joint initiative of Australia’s grain industry organisations.

What the Framework is

The Framework has identified the sustainability topics that matter most to stakeholders inside and outside the Australian grains industry. It serves as an overarching framework to support our industry articulate, plan and respond to our common sustainability priorities, with individual businesses across the value chain continuing to contribute as they need to through their own tailored sustainability plans and initiatives.

Why have a sustainability framework

Consumers and other stakeholders outside the industry are placing increasing importance on sustainability. Behind Australian Grain aims to provide balanced and accurate information for these stakeholders to understand our industry and make an informed opinion of our sustainability.

Australian grain growers and others inside the industry have long been working toward sustainable growth. Behind Australian Grain provides a framework for these stakeholders to individually and collectively create environmental, economic and social value while running profitable and efficient businesses.

Alignment to Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an international blueprint for a better and more sustainable future for all. They provide a global agenda for all nations and organisations to play a role in achieving each SDG by 2030.

The Australian grains industry has been mapped against the SDGs. Each goal in this consultation paper identifies the SDG it most directly impacts. We will regularly review our ongoing contribution to achieving relevant SDGs.